Tyler Hudson Drummer

Tyler is a drummer, singer, songwriter  from the Boston area. Developing an intense love for music at the age of 2, he managed to accomplish a lot at an early age.

Competing on an adult level at the age of 11, he has won store drum-off events and Battle Of The Band competitions. At age 10 he was part of a three part news series on WB56 Boston on songwriting at the rock camp 'Dayjams'. His band Mindwalk was showcased on Fox 25 TV Boston playing their original Glory's Gates. Some of Tyler's video clips were used as a promotional bump for My Kids A... on the Learning Channel. He has had spreads in Major publications such as Modern Drummer, Drum magazine, Progressions Magazine and others.

Aside from Mangini, Tyler is the tightest drummer to a click I've ever worked with. ~ John Ellis (Producer...Godsmack, Journey, American HiFi)

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Contact: tylerthedrummer@comcast.net

List of Accomplishments


National Guitar Workshop (Dayjams) commercial