Main Instruments: Drums, percussion, back up vocals 
Other Instruments: Keyboards, Bass Guitar. 
Other interests:  Skateboarding, Videography, Songwriting


Having a professional guitarist/singer for a father and growing up in the Boston area, Tyler has been exposed to musicians and music all his life.  Tyler's fascination with the drums began when he was about two years old when his parents agreed to store a friends drum set in their living room while he relocated. The attraction to something that makes sounds from hitting it with a stick was all he needed to know. From the first time he sat at a kit he had a grasp of rhythm that was remarkable. Self taught by listening to CD's and watching videos, Tyler was told he was already playing at a high school level when he began formal training at age 6 with Berklee graduate Shawn Meehan. Tyler then went on to take instruction from Berklee teacher Mike Mangini.

At the age of 5 Tyler was sitting in at parties and local clubs with adult bands. By the age of seven he was regularly performing many songs ranging from James Brown to Rush. Since then he has developed into a professional grade musician. His musical expertise include funk, rock, metal, jazz, pop, blues, country, rockabilly, progressive rock and fusion. He proficiently plays these styles with conviction and maturity.  Tyler not only plays well, he also complements and works the compositions with his fellow musicians. His control of dynamics and feel won him a standing ovation at the age of 9 after being asked to come up to improvise with Jazz artist Joe Sallins. Aside from drumming, Tyler also has a natural ability to create complex vocal harmonies and layers. This talent allows him to write and arrange multiple parts and harmonies for his original compositions. He also sings throughout complex songs where the percussion is intense and the timing signature intricate. 

At age 8 Tyler started co-writing songs with his first band used for many years as the web audio sample for the National Guitar Workshops rock camp 'Dayjams'.  Since then he has recorded numerous originals with various other bands. His current band Mindwalk Blvd went on to win many national songwriting competitions and has received major radio airplay in Portugal. (Mindwalk Blvd Bio)

Signed to a label with Mindwalk Blvd at the age of 14 he recorded with producer Andrew Murdock "Mudrock" (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack). He has also worked with other great producers such as John Ellis (Godsmack, Journey, American HiFi) and Anthony Resta (Elton John, Duran Duran, Collective Soul).

Tyler's video of his drumming life ages 2-11 has received over a million hits in one day on and has had over 1.6 million hits on Youtube.

Competing on an adult level, at the age of 11 he has won store drum-off events and Battle Of The Band competitions. At age 10 he was part of a three part news series on WB56 Boston on songwriting at the rock camp 'Dayjams'. His band Mindwalk was showcased on Fox 25 TV Boston playing their original Glory's Gates. Some of Tyler's video clips were used as a promotional bump for My Kids A... on the Learning Channel. He has had spreads in Major publications such as Modern Drummer and Drum magazine and with Mindwalk Blvd in Progressions Magazine and others.

Mindwalk Blvd now in it's 8th year, has evolved into a professional grade band and can be compared alongside the best in the business. They have opened for national acts such as Fair to Midland, Evans Blue, 10 years, Theory of a Deadman, Alterbridge etc.





Tyler Hudson Drummer

Tyler is a drummer, singer, songwriter